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The Koolah cooling wrap comes in a variety of colours.
This cooling wrap has been lovingly hand-made just for you. To activate the gel water crystals, soak your cool wrap in 1-11/2 cups water in the ziplock bag provided, for 5 to 10 minutes. Remove from the water, pat the wrap dry and spread the gel evenly along the length of the pockets. Please, do not squeeze the wrap tightly, as the gel may ooze out of the fabric. For best results, tie your cool wrap and wear it around your neck, across your forehead or around your wrist. Hand wash in mild dishwashing liquid then rinse clean. Leave to dry naturally. Allow the tie to completely dry before storing. The gel will reduce in volume. Carry and store your wrap in a ziplock bag. Disposal: the wrap is biodegradable - place in a hole in the ground, and plant a tree on it.
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